Meet Our NF Executive Officers

The management team behind National Deaf Culture Fellowship

Emory K Dively (MN)
Seth Sobral (RI)
Nancy Tonnessen (NJ)
Duane Somero (SC)

Regional Officers

Olivia Bibb (CA)
Scott Hobbs (VA)
Leah Simmons (WI)
Debbie Stiles (TX)

Department Ministries

NF Men and Women's Ministries
Rodney Smith (PA)

National Honorbound (Deaf Men) Ministries President

Cynthia Dively (MN)

National Deaf Women Ministries President

Women's Ministries

NF Women's Ministries Committee
Jill Valentine (AZ)

Western Region

Barbara Evans (MO)

North Central Region

Marilyn Skidmore (PA)

Northeast Region

Cheryl Ragas (LA)

Southern Region

To empower Pentecostal Deaf believers to fulfill their purpose in serving Jesus Christ

NF Consulting Team

Dr. JoAnn Smith (PA)

NF Consultant

Carol Vetter (IL)

NF Consultant